Rehive offers a powerful white-label solution for marketplaces and platforms to process low cost and instant payouts. Your branding, your customers! Upload a CSV file or simply tap into our programmable API to instantly process payouts.

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Low-cost payouts

Whether you’re using a pre-integrated custody partner or working with your own bank, Rehive helps you reduce payout fees.

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Instant payout experience

Funds are reflected real-time in the recipient’s white-label wallet account.

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Retain customer in your ecosystem

Open new revenue streams by keeping your customer in your ecosystem to upsell financial services directly.

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Enable complex payout schemes

Create complex payout schemes to track fees, royalties, tax, conversions, and more.

How does it work

It’s easy to get started by uploading a CSV file to process payouts.

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Step 1:

Download CSV template

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Step 2:

Import recipients, amounts, and currencies

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Step 3:

Upload CSV file

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Step 4:

Run payout transactions

Key features and resources

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Upload CSV file

    Supports up to 10,000 rows per CSV file.

    File name validation to prevent duplicate file upload.

    View number of successful and failed transactions per batch.

Custom API implementation

    Build your own custom payouts flows on the Ledger APIs.

    Leverage transaction collections to bundle related transactions such as conversions, fees, royalties, etc.

Save on payout fees and retain customers in your ecosystem

    Rehive doesn’t charge a percentage fee on payouts, which saves you a lot of money in fees compared to alternative options. Our model is to create a range of finance-enabled features from which we generate revenue as you grow.

    Instead of doing payouts to external accounts and “losing” your customer, Rehive helps you retain your customer to upsell financial services.

    Whether creating payouts by uploading a CSV file or using the API, the recipient instantly receives their funds in their account.

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Gig worker payouts

Process payouts to gig workers in real time.

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Grant payouts

Upload payouts to grantees.

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Referral payouts

Easily create payouts for referrals, royalties, or revenue share.

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Promotion balances

Payout promotional money that can only be used at your stores.

How to get started

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Step: 1

Activate the Mass Send Extension.

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Step: 2

Fund an operational account dedicated to payouts.

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Step: 3

Download the CSV template.