Rehive makes it easy to keep your users informed with customizable notification templates for any event in the system. Whether it’s making a transaction, updating personal information, or receiving a payment request.

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Multi-channel support

Built-in SMS, email, and push notifications for any event in the system.

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Delight your customers with beautiful notification templates

Add your colors, icons, and branding. Personalize messages by accessing variables from the event data.

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Control your own gateway account

Easily link your own Twilio and Sendgrid credentials to get direct support.

Out-of-the-box notifications

Rehive Notifications is pre-integrated and customizable to help you keep your customers informed of key activities on their accounts. No need to build your own integrations or update templates on a codebase level.

  • Built-in email verification links, password reset links, and one-time-pin SMSes.
  • Enrich emails with context-specific variables from webhook response data.
  • Leverage expressions to create custom notifications for various cases.
  • Create HTML-rich content.
  • Customize “from email” address.
  • Set BIMI selector header to improve email reliability and delivery.
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How to get started

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Step: 1

Activate the Notification Extension.

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Step: 2

Link your Twilio and Sendgrid credentials.

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Step: 3

Create a new notification template or edit an existing one.

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Step: 4

Test it out.