Add currency conversions to your fintech app.
Buying and selling cryptocurrencies are an effective way to generate revenue in your app.

How it works

Once conversions are set up and operational accounts prefunded, you can start making conversion transactions as an end user directly from the white-label app or API.

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Step 1:

Go to Exchange or Buy/Sell currencies in the apps.

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Step 2:

Type in the amount and click “next”.

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Step 3:

Review and confirm quote.

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Step 4:

Click “confirm” and execute conversion.

Key features and resources

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Real-time market prices

    Tracks mid-market rates from Open Exchange Rates

    Rates can be overridden or customized through expressions.

    Leverage rates and tickers in apps.

Create conversion quotes

    Customize quote duration per conversion pair.

    View pending, complete, and failed quotes.

    Approve or cancel quotes.

Execute and track conversions

    Fund source accounts to track operational floats.

    Record conversion transactions and associated fees.

    Execute conversions and trigger webhook events to relay trades.

How to get started

    Log in or create a project on Rehive.

    Activate the Conversion extension.

    Customize rates and configure conversion pairs.

    Create a quote and execute your first conversion.